Friday, November 12, 2004

What You Don't Get About Kerry's Actions 11/3

What You Don't Get About Kerry's Actions 11/3
by LooterScibby
The opening tone of this piece is harsh, but I think it gets the point across. Please, no scapegoats people.--Chris

This is for all of the folks who say, "Kerry abandoned us" when he conceded the election on Nov. 3. Let me screw your heads back on straight.

Edwards said every vote will be counted and when Kerry conceded hours later, also reiterated that promise. Why? That concession is legally irrelevant (he does not end the election) and the most important things are context, narrative and conventional wisdom.

Every political act is framed in a certian context, it develops a narrative which solidifies into conventional wisdom that may doom it or enhance it. Here is what Kerry did.

Kerry did not want the context to be "when will he concede? Will he concede? Concede. Concede," with the narrative "Kerry the sore loser, trying to grasp on in the face of 3 million plus popular votes," with an Ohio media circus, 10,000 Republican lawyers and a 1000 Republican CLEANERS (remember "the cleaner" from Pulp Fiction") to clean up murdered votes.

Instead, Kerry wanted the Republicans to declare victory, get drunk, fucking party and focus on dividing up the spoils as each piggie tries to muscle up to the feeding bin. All the while, good folks like Black Box Voting and others are busy working to collect evidence and prepare challenges. The choice of battle and timing is ours.