Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Religious Right

The Religious Right
Joe Bageant: 'Hung over in the End Times'
Posted on Thursday, November 11 @ 10:29:25 EST
If liberal society is to survive the rise of the Godwacks, we need to start by calling By Joe Bageant
Since George Bush's reelection, the Christian nutjobs have mounted an assault on my block. In the five years I've lived in this neighborhood I've never had so much as one Jehovah's Witness knock at the door. But last Saturday morning my neighbor Tinka-the-wool-weaver called to warn of approaching Bible thumpers working the doorbells on my side of the street. Sure enough, out the window were two women in long skirts with bad Bible hairdos headed my way. "Incoming Jesus freaks at nine o'clock high!" I yelled to my wife. We jumped back into bed and let'em pound on the door and drop tracts in the mailbox while Barb read the Washington Post and I caught anther 20 zees.
That, we thought, was the end the end of it. But next day while walking my dog Bingo -- a black pisshound of dubious origin -- a white van cruised alongside us slowly, as if confused about directions. I asked if I could help, and BAM! I should have know better. It was evangelist sucker bait...