Thursday, November 11, 2004

Democracy is dead. Long live liberty

Election 2004
Peter Lee: 'Democracy is dead. Long live liberty!'
Posted on Thursday, November 11 @ 10:31:20 EST
By Peter Lee
Our country hasn't moved to the right...'s moved to the wrong.
Forgive me for not contributing to the healing process. 
George W. Bush is one of the worst presidents ever. The election results were appalling. The people who voted for Bush are idiots.
In recognition of the efforts of the American people to assist him in escaping accountability for his horrific first term, I divide Republicans voters into three groups:

1. Bone-mean
2. Bone-crazy
3. Bone-stupid
Bone-mean Republicans control the money, the party, and the power and call the tune. Heirs to the grand white southern tradition of racism that morphed into "states rights" and "conservatism", they find in Bush affirmation for their ideology of politically privileged disengagement....