Tuesday, November 09, 2004

'Rove's election diary: Taking care of the blue people

Bernard Weiner: 'Rove's election diary: Taking care of the blue people'
Posted on Tuesday, November 09 @ 10:08:37 EST
By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers
Dear Diary: It was pathetic -- and so deeeelicious! The liberals hadn't a clue they were about to get their heads handed to them.
The Dems read the favorable exit polls, they saw Zogby's final poll showing their guy way ahead, they heard about the enormous number of new, especially young, voters -- Kerry's victory was in the bag. Heh heh heh.
Within an hour or two, they were mincemeat, as our totals not only kept pace with theirs but mysteriously surged ahead in key states.
Liberals are such fools. They knew my history and knew what we were going to do -- insure that our evangelical base showed up at the polls, smear Kerry at his points of strength, "suppress" the vote wherever and however we could, present them with some "October surprises." In effect, we dared them to try to stop us from doing what we said we'd do. But they couldn't because they prefer to whine and make a lot of intellectual noise rather than get in there and slug it out with us in the dark alleys of contemporary politics.
And then there was the huge hole left open for us in this country's non-secure system of ballot counting. Stalin said it best: It doesn't matter whose vote counts, it's who counts the votes....