Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gillibrand enters race for Congress

Gillibrand enters race for Congress
1/31/2006 9:21 PM
By: Curtis Schick

In the race
Congressman John Sweeney's rival, Kirsten Gillibrand, is hoping that anger over the current corruption scandal in our nation's capital will lead voters to make a change.

Saying the first thing she'll call for is ethics and campaign finance reform, Kirsten Gillibrand officially threw her hat in the race for Congress on Tuesday.

The Democrat from Hudson is looking to knock off Republican incumbent John Sweeney. Gillibrand said Sweeney listens more to lobbyists and less to locals.

"When they are taking Congressional members on luxury vacations, the question is raised, who is that representative accountable to?" said Gillibrand.

And the campaign seems to be in full swing. Her website and supporter, Attorney General Elliot Spitzer, are taking shots at Sweeney. The target of the jabs, a recent fund raising trip in Utah.

"She doesn't have to go to Utah. Where Kirsten wants to ski is here in New York State," said Spitzer.

"Politics is politics. We will expect a spirited campaign. I've had pretty solid majorities in this district," said Sweeney.

Before the speech, Sweeney's supporters greeted her with signs, saying "She is a long way from New York City" and "Gillibrand defended Enron greed."

"I've never represented Enron. I don't know if my law firm has or hasn't," said Gillibrand.

Right now, Gillibrand has nearly $400,000 in her campaign coffers. According to her campaign literature, that's more than anyone else who has run against Sweeney in the last three campaigns.