Sunday, January 29, 2006

Town Hall meeting held in Spa City

Town Hall meeting held in Spa City
Updated: 1/29/2006 1:34 PM
By: Curtis Schick
Capital News 9

Spa City leaders were open to all opinions on the big issues on Saturday. Some of the issues raised included over development in Saratoga Springs as well as what's next for Saratoga Race Course.

One concerned resident said, "Do we want to change the face of Saratoga? Mary Lou Whitney has it right. It's not only a special place to be. You have to work at keeping it a special place."

Those were just a few issues folks flung at new Mayor Valerie Keehn.

Another concerned resident said, "We are not opposed to development. Valuable land is another story. It affects our water system, our school enrollment, our traffic congestion."

She said people need to get involved with their government.

And these Town Hall Meetings are a perfect place.

Saratoga Springs Mayor, Valerie Keehn said, "It's so important to keep that dialog open and continue to keep those relations going. I think getting out there in to people's communities make them feel like you care about what they are saying."

Dozens of residents filed into the Ford Community Center at Jefferson Terrace.

Keehn along with three City Commissioners, Tom McTygue, Ron Kim and Matt McCabe talked town issues for two hours.

She said she is keeping a campaign promise.
Meeting held
Spa City Mayor Valerie Keehn upheld a campaign promise Saturday as she and other city officials held a Town Hall Meeting open to all residents.

Keehn also said, "I think what I heard is that people said city officials were not that accessible. This is my answer to that."

The mayor's second Saratoga Springs Town Hall meeting will on Saturday, March 25 at the community room of the Water's Edge development on Saratoga Lake.