Sunday, October 02, 2005

Karma Delayed Isn't Karma Denied

Karma Delayed Isn't Karma Denied
Posted by James Wolcott

I didn't intend to take a vacation from blogging while down in Cape May. But while I was busy letting the sun paint golden highlights in my hair and peering through binoculars at a golden plover pacing along Bunker Pond and a praire warbler flitting through the branches, karma was working overtime in what crude materialists refer to as "the real world."

The world of current events.

Tom DeLay's indictment...Karen Hughes' lead-footed performance as America's new ambassador of love...William Bennett's gasbag rupture...the anticipated guilty plea in the AIPAC espionage scandal...the knot being tied around the neck of Richard Perle in the Conrad Black/Hollinger corporate moneysuck saga...the offstage rumblings regarding the Valerie Plame investigation, climaxing (if you'll pardon the expression) with Judith Miller's mash note from Scooter Libby (who's quite the nature poet, a regular John Clare)...--there was so much juicy schadenfreude to be had that it was like plucking fruit in prelapsarian Eden, with the occasional trip to Wawa...