Friday, September 23, 2005

What to do about the Bush problem

Robert Parry: 'What to do about the Bush problem'
Posted on Friday, September 23 @ 10:12:32 EDT
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By Robert Parry, Consortium News

Disaster experts will tell you that a key to surviving a catastrophe is to quickly discard the old paradigm of normalcy and to act with urgency and creativity in facing the new reality. There is no time for fretting or wishful thinking; decisiveness and imagination are crucial.

The same holds true for nations. History has taught us that sometimes when a leader has made catastrophic choices, others - from within the ruling elite or from without - must do something to shatter the old paradigm of normalcy and protect the nation.

The United States may have found itself in such a predicament. Figuratively at least, the flood waters are surging through the first floor and - while some say the water won't rise much more - others think it's time to grab the kids and seek higher ground.

The stark question now before the country is: Should it sit still for the next three-plus years of George W. Bush's presidency or demand accountability, including possibly the removal of him and his political team from office?

Though it's true that impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would be an extreme step, this constitutional option must be judged against the alternative of a continued national leadership that is facing worsening crises while known for a trademark refusal to admit mistakes or to make meaningful adjustments to its policies.

Over and over, Bush has made clear that he has no intention to reverse himself on any of his core decisions, which include the Iraq War, tax cuts weighted toward the upper incomes, tolerance of record budget deficits and rejection of the chief international agreement on global warming, the Kyoto Treaty. (Bush even questions the overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming.).....