Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Spineless President

The Spineless President

by SteinL

Mon Sep 19th, 2005 at 06:38:02 PDT

It's been touched upon before, yet deserves to be revisited, now that we are seeing the aftermath of Katrina wreaking havoc with the White House.

This image will have seared itself into the eyes of many, following the president's speech last week.

It is far removed from how the president likes to see himself, as the man in charge. Yet we've seen repeated evidence that he is not in charge. Positions he states are immovable suddenly shift, once Cheney and his cronies get to explain things to him.
Or when his pollsters sense a shift in public opinion.
Bush, who would never nationbuild and never use the US military to engage in dangerous adventures in foreign lands - did exactly that, once he became president.

Bush is gutless. He has no vision. He lacks the skills and abilities to create positive change.
We term politicians visionary when their goals and ambitions turn into action and tangible progress. They are delusional when everything they state they will do crumbles into dust, or ends in calamity.

This is what he wants to be.
Trouble is, he's always AWOL when it comes to the crunch.
And then he wants others to sort things out for him. The reason no one is made accountable in the Bush presidency is because his officials aren't working for him, he is their prop, and they are doing what they damn well please. Rumsfeld would have been given a gun and been told to shoot himself in any other nation by now - he's still there, ruining the military and the reputation of the U.S. abroad.

A man who manages to write two conditionals, "I think" and "I may", as well as wondering whether he could possibly go to the bathroom, in a short note to his Secretary of State - is not in command, he is being commanded....