Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dangerous Incompetence

Dangerous Incompetence
By Cindy Sheehan
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Saturday 03 September 2005

George Bush has been an incompetent failure his entire life. Fortunately for humanity, he was just partying his way through school, running companies into the ground, and being an alcoholic and cocaine abuser for most of that time - and his incompetence was limited to hurting the people who worked for him and his own family. The people in his life who were hurt by his incompetence probably have been able to "get on" with their lives. Now, though, his incompetence affects the world and is responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction. How many of us did not foresee the mess he would make of the world when he was selected the first time? We saw what he had done to Texas. How many of us marveled and were so discouraged and amazed when he was "re-elected" the second time? We saw what he had done to the world. Dangerous incompetence should never be rewarded, let alone be rewarded so handsomely as in George's case.

The Camp Casey movement has been struggling with how best we can help the government-ravaged people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We sent a busload of supplies into Covington, La., which is a poor, African-American town across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. I had the privilege of visiting Covington with my friends, Buddy and Annie Spell last July. It was a community filled with love and laughter.

The Bring Them Home Now Tour bus that went into Covington is the Veterans For Peace Impeachment Tour bus that I rode in and out of Crawford on. They took about 10,000 pounds of leftover Camp Casey supplies and we had 2 trucks filled to the brim with leftover water from the camp to Covington. The tour bus also has satellite, so it is the only communications that Covington has with the outside world now....