Sunday, September 04, 2005

The worst president ever!

Ed Naha: 'The worst president ever!'
Posted on Saturday, September 03 @ 09:59:49 EDT

By Ed Naha

Last Sunday, a category 5 hurricane named Katrina was heading for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. George Bush, on vacation, mentioned it in passing and then talked about Iraq, while still hiding from Cindy Sheehan.

Last Monday, Katrina, now a category 4 hurricane, slammed into the Gulf Coast, destroying 90,000 square miles, causing hundreds of thousands of Americans to become homeless and probably killing thousands. George was in Arizona and California, talking up his addled Medicaid prescription program before invite-only crowds.

Tuesday? Thousands were stranded down south. 80% of The Big Easy was under water. Bodies were floating everywhere. George was in California, comparing Iraq to WW II...the Big One. You, go there, GI George - the human definition of the word "disconnect."

As the catastrophe simmered in the Gulf like bad Gumbo, Bush woke up, eventually, to, ummm, much as he can ever wake up and recognize his own unique take on reality. Headline: PRESIDENT CUTS VACATION SHORT TO RETURN TO WASHINGTON. Bush cut his vacation short by TWO DAYS as thousands of citizens down south wandered or swam around in the sweltering heat, with no food, no water, no homes, no way to get out..

What a guy...

...So, what can we say about this President? This golden boy.

He's crippled the economy.

He's decimated our educational system.

He's given billions to the rich in terms of tax cuts.

He's given billions to Halliburton via "no bid" contracts in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He's eviscerated environmental laws.

He's allowed the biggest terrorist attack on US soil in history.

He's launched an illegal, illogical, invasion of a country that wasn't a threat to America using bogus intelligence claims, costing the lives of tens of thousands of innocents.

He's revived a billion dollar boondoggle of a "Star Wars" missile defense system...that doesn't work.

He's racked up record deficits, while preaching financial conservatism.

He's created the biggest governmental bureaucracy in history.

He's stifled dissent and free speech.

He's isolated himself from real people as would a monarch.

His minions have castrated FEMA, a once effective agency, not only folding it into Homeland Security but appointing leaders who have no experience in disaster relief but were big Bush campaign contributors.

And, while he's ignored and denied the science that points to intense climate change because of global warming, we've been hit by record hurricane seasons.