Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Why Karl Rove Will Never Go

Why Karl Rove Will Never Go
By James Moore
The Huffington Post
People who think the president might cast his deputy chief of staff to the wolves need to get another fantasy. Short of a Nixonian resignation by George W. Bush, or an indictment and conviction, the Architect, Bush's Brain, Turd Blossom, or by whatever name he is called, Karl Rove is on for the long ride. There would be no Bush presidency without Rove. All hopes of Republican realignment would be cast aside without Rove. Any aspirations George W. Bush had for a legacy beyond a hopeless war would be disappear as quickly as evidence of a Rove dirty political attack.

Inside the Beltway, where everyone spends far too much time sniffing each other's fumes, speculative frenzy has the Rove crisis reaching a point where the president has no choice but to separate himself from Rove. Nonsense. In Texas, we dance with the ones that brung us. Bush's presidency is a creation of Rove. In 1989, before Bush was even a marginally successful managing general partner of a losing baseball team, prior to the time Bush made the strategic move of trading Sammy Sosa, Rove was sitting down with a friend and explaining how he could make W governor and use that office as a platform for the presidency. And five years later, Bush was elected governor on his way to the White House 11 years after Rove had first given voice to his ambition to make Bush president.

But he did more. Rove sniffed the wind better than anyone in modern American politics. He sensed the rise of the Chrisitian Right, and then he facilitated it. He understood the potential of crafting messages around 911. And he built a money and issues infrastructure that is without equal in the history of our republic....