Friday, June 10, 2005

Leadership Development

Leadership Development
Leadership Development Thoughts
by John Jackson (c) November 7, 2000

Vision Quest - "Developing Leaders"


Friends adopt the values of friends (Anderson), therefore leadership rests on relationships with shared values (Jackson)
Provide a rich and real sense of community. The sweetness of fellowship must more than make up for the blood, sweat, and tears. Community precedes service, and flows out of it. (Hybels)
3 kinds of leadership stories: Who am I? Who are we? Where are we going? (Tichy)
The most beautiful houses in the world are still in the forest. Everyone is a 10 somewhere (Cordeiro)
Leaders are conveners of teams or groups (George)
4 roles of a leader: Visionary (focus: the future), Motivator (focus: buy-in), Producer (focus: accountability), analyzer (focus: measurement)
15 Things Leaders Must Do (Galloway):
* Make Decisions
* Solve Problems
* Take Responsibility
* Have a Sense of Timing
* Get up for the Game
* Respond to a Challenge
* Lead with Enthusiasm
* Delegate/Hold Responsible
* Match People to Mission
* Focus
* Keep Others Focused
* Use Momentum
* Do What is Right
* Seize Opportunities
* Set the Sail

3 types of builders (taken from 1 Cor. 3:10): Carpenters ("hands on"), Contractors ("coordinator, expeditor), Architects ("design, envisioning) (Luecke)
Do you have a design system that brings people from the crowd into the core? Can your church turn a seeker into a servant into a shepherd?
Effective Lay Ministry involves assimilation, context, gifts discovery, matching, placement, coaching and recognition (Lay Mobilization)

Questions to ask after a first ministry experience. Was it worth your time? Did you enjoy it? Did it breath life back into you? Do you look forward to doing it again? If we needed to adjust your role, what would you like adjusted? (Hybels)
Remember the Leadership Levels! (Position, Permission, Production, People Development, Personhood) (Maxwell)
You teach what you know. You reproduce what you are
Do It, Show Them How to Do It, Do it Together, Watch Them Do it, Celebrate their Success! Help Them Help Someone Else Do it!

Team Building

Team Building: Right people in the right position for the right reason achieving the right results. "I want to do God's bidding until the day I die. And I want to do it with people I love" (Hybels)
The best recruiters for your ministry needs are satisfied servants. Volunteers want to be managed. They deserve the same level of attention as paid workers
3 A's to Remember: Attention, Affirmation, Appreciation (Galloway)

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