Monday, June 06, 2005

Former supporter joins foes over war

'I don't care if they call me un-American': Former supporter joins foes over war
Posted on Sunday, June 05 @ 10:51:52 EDT

Speaks for peace after son's death
By Michael Levenson, Boston Globe
Two years ago, Brian T. Hart, an avid supporter of the American military mission in Iraq, wrote to the Board of Selectmen in Bedford to complain about a 20-foot banner strung from the front of the First Parish church that read, "Speak Out For Peace."
Today, Hart, now a blistering critic of the campaign in Iraq, plans to return to the church on the town green to speak out for peace at the pulpit.
The reason for his transformation: His son, Private First Class John D. Hart was killed outside Kirkuk, Iraq, in October 2003 when insurgents firing small arms and rocket-propelled grenades attacked his unarmored Humvee.
"I don't care if they call me un-American," Brian Hart said Friday as he ignored a tall glass of iced tea sitting before him on the back porch of his home in Bedford. "I've come full circle in saying the best way to support the troops today is to give them a plan to exit Iraq."...