Sunday, January 23, 2005

What YOU Can Do TODAY to Protect Social Security

What YOU Can Do TODAY to Protect Social Security

TALK ABOUT IT. WE have to support the Dems.  Call CSpan.  If you're good at arguing and think quickly on your feet, call in to radio stations, especially if it's a non-political show that is talking about politics.  Write LTEs.  We need to make ourselves heard.  Get used to writing a letter to the editor.  Sometimes it's quite easy to turn a really good post on a subject into an LTE.  Your area probably has more newspapers than you think.  A lot of newspapers have a one letter per month limit.  If so, spread your LTEs around.  An LTE gets published in one publication...then, write another LTE the next week in another publication.  Talk to co-workers, friends, and family about it.  Bring it up in the elevator, so that everyone else on the ride up/down can hear the truth :-)  BE FIRM, NOT SHRILL. You can write your letter here, submit your info, and the DNC will send it to area newspapers.

KEEP PEOPLE UP TO DATE. If you find a factual article about SS, email it to everyone you know. Friends, family, co-workers.  Are you a jogger, and interested in killing two birds with one stone? Make photocopies, and leave one stuck in the doorway of a neighbor.  Do this every once in awhile. Hammer home the message.  (Come to think of it...the Democrats ought to consider a national exercise program. Exercise and be a good citizen at the same time!)

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES. Both Republican and Democratic. If you've got a Republican rep, contact the rep for their position on Social Security and privatization.  Keep a very close eye on any differences between their letter and what they say in public or elsewhere (on Cato Institute's website, for example). If you've got a Democratic rep, make sure he/she is on the correct side of the issue.  Politely urge them to stand firm.  If the person is equivocating (Joe Lieberman, this means you), post in the replies or email me, and we'll be sure to do an email blast when I put up the next SS Action Alert diary.

EMAIL THIS DIARY to friends, family and co-workers who are already on our side and want to help. This will hopefully not only get them politically active on this issue, but in general as well. Campaign volunteers are easier to recruit if you've got people who have been active before. EMAIL THIS LINK There is no crisis ( (Have the There Is No Crisis people bought up other urls to redirect to this site? Just a thought.)

LINK IT! Put the link to the No Crisis website in the signature for every message board you visit and in your profile (on a dating service, in your IM profile, etc.) Quick, easy, efficient