Saturday, January 22, 2005

Protesters make waves at Bush coronation tea party

Jackson Thoreau: 'Protesters make waves at Bush coronation tea party'
Posted on Saturday, January 22 @ 09:56:05 EST
Stay strong, our day will come
By Jackson Thoreau
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- If you read most mainstream media accounts, you'd think there wasn't much of a protest during Bush's January 2005 coronation week.
You probably wouldn't read about the members of the national women's peace group Code Pink, who obtained tickets to the inauguration from their Congress reps and got up close to Bush on Thursday as he strained to recall some memorized lines. After Bush issued his standard propaganda about "spreading" freedom in faraway lands like it was chicken feed as he took away the same in his own country, Code Pinkers, including co-founders Medea Benjamin, 51, and Jodie Evans, 50, unrolled anti-war banners and shouted some better lines: "Champagne is flying while soldiers are dying."
Dittobushies began chanting themselves, causing Bush to appear shaken and stop his acting lines. Some of the overkill army of police dragged the women away and let most go, while holding Benjamin and Diane Wilson, 56, of Texas for at least another day.
Score one for Bush opponents....