Monday, December 27, 2004

Bush: Hands off Social Security

I, Publius
Bush: Hands off Social Security
By Alan Chartock
Special to The Eagle
Our politicians are now up against it. It is as old as time itself. It all comes down to taxes versus services.
Now it is Social Security, the "third rail of American politics." George W. Bush and the radical Republican leadership in the Congress have made it their highest priority. They want to take about a third of what someone puts into Social Security and allow that person to open a brokerage account with that money.
Some economists might tell you that if people who are now on Social Security had been allowed to do that, they would be far better off today. On the other hand, there are those who say woe to the person who has to get onto Social Security at that exact moment when the stock market has taken a severe dive. Their entire retirement might have to be postponed or even forgotten.
The whole idea of Social Security was that it would be a safety net. Everyone would be guaranteed a basic minimum. They could play with their 401(k) plans or their savings but this Social Security would be set in stone.....