Thursday, December 23, 2004

Artist makes a Bush of monkeys

Artist makes a Bush of monkeys
Reuters in New York
Thursday December 23, 2004
The Guardian
Bush Monkeys, a portrait of US president George Bush using monkeys, by artist Chris Savido is projected on a New York billboard after being banned from an art show. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty
At a glance, it is just another picture of George Bush. Take a closer look and it's obvious that the artist is making a monkey of the president.
Chris Savido used a patchwork of simians to create the portrait of the commander in chief, and in doing so stirred a controversy that has rumbled on in Manhattan for a week.
Titled Bush Monkeys, it was displayed at the Chelsea Market public space last week, but provoked enough complaints for the management to close the show. That led to accusations of censorship. ....

Bush Monkeys