Monday, December 20, 2004

Sorry, Mr. Bush. Your (ahem) mandate just isn't big enough

Peter Lee: 'Sorry, Mr. Bush. Your (ahem) mandate just isn't big enough'
Posted on Monday, December 20 @ 10:30:52 EST
By Peter Lee
George Bush's second-term Stud-in-Chief act isn't really working, is it?
He's rubbing the nose of his dad and his dad's advisors -- not to mention the nation-- in the fact of his election, trying to present himself as America's Godfather, scowling officiously as his bespoke puppets are sworn into the Cabinet, doing that half-assed MC act at his choreographed "Economic Summit."
But the Fallujah fiasco, the dollar crisis, and the Kerik debacle demonstrate that Bush's unreliable gut reliably trumps his putatively higher organs. The brain and heart -- those supposed repositories of reason, diligence, and foresight that are expected to pitch in and help the president deal with the tedious, omnipresent demands of guiding the fortunes of the world's greatest superpower--are left pacing disconsolately on the sidelines.
George lacks the focus, passion, and integrity to deal with the day-to-day grind of managing his administration.
When things go bad, he gets bored, disengages, and blames other people....