Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What Now for John Edwards?

What Now for John Edwards?
McClatchy Newspapers
Nov 30, 2004, 06:38
Sen. John Edwards says he wants to keep fighting for health care, homeland security and relief for the poor and will decide in the next few weeks how he'll do that.

Edwards said last week that he is deciding whether to start his own political organization or go another route.

"We've had lots of proposals and offers," said Edwards, in a telephone interview from his Georgetown home. "I'm trying to decide right now what to do, what makes the most sense, what will allow me to do the things I think are the most important."

Edwards said his first priority is helping his wife get well. Elizabeth Edwards is fighting breast cancer and had her second treatment last Tuesday. In addition, Edwards is closing his Senate office, leaving the job he held for six years.

He begins his "Thank You Tarheels Tour" of North Carolina this week with stops in six cities over three days. He conducted a similar tour when he was elected as a political novice in 1998, holding town hall meetings, visiting newspapers, talking with constituents....