Monday, November 29, 2004

What a revoltin’ development THIS is!

Ed Naha: 'What a revoltin’ development THIS is!'
Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 10:16:51 EST
By Ed Naha
If you're like me, your anger over the last election has slowly morphed into a feeling of profound disgust. Personally, I can't bear to read any story that begins with "Bush Vows," "Bush Promises," "Bush Tells," "Bush Wants," "Bush Warns," "Bush Pushes," "Bush Orders" or, my personal favorite, "Bush Provokes." Only three weeks after the election and I'm already Bushed-out.
It's not like we don't already know the messes the next four years are going to bring us, unless some savvy Republicans start gnawing off their political paws like wolves caught in a trap of their own making - once they realize that obeying all of lame duck Dubya's orders could end their own careers. This next Administration is going to resemble "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight," but with far deadlier results.
At no time does BushCo. and reality occupy the same space. Case in point? Fallujah. Remember how that beleaguered city was described as a hotbed of foreign insurgents, led by foreign rabble? Nope. The whole insurgency was led by a couple of local boys.
An electrician and a mosque preacher.