Friday, October 29, 2004

Pro-Life...Pro-Kerry? Abortions increase under Bush

Why anti-abortion voters might want to take another look
by Joshua Holland, Contributor
Sometimes in an election year if you peel the rhetoric away from the candidates' real-life policies, you can get some surprising results. Such is the case with abortion: if you are truly "pro-life," you should vote for Senator Kerry.
Because the fact is that regardless of what's said in stump speeches, abortions in this country have skyrocketed under the Bush administration after a steep and steady decline during the Clinton years.
That insight comes from Dr. Glen Harold Stassen, a Christian ethicist and statistician at the Fuller Theological Seminary who calls himself "consistently pro-life." He studied data from the 1990s and from the first three years of the Bush administration. During the 1990s, abortions in the United States — under a pro-choice president who said abortion should be safe, legal and rare — decreased by 17.4 percent. At the end of Clinton's second term, abortions stood at a 24-year low....