Friday, October 29, 2004

Message from the City in the Country Land Protection Committee

The City in the Country Land Protection Committee

The degree of disappointment we have in our City Officials after Tuesday evening‚s council meeting is surpassed by only one thing:  the strength and fortitude of the people in our community. While the Council members were following through with their back room deals in the council chambers, the community, banished to the hallway, was building its resolve. 
The City in the Country Land Protection Committee (CCLPC) would like to thank you, very sincerely, for your continuing efforts. Once again you filled the council chambers to overflowing. Once again there were dozens more with immutable commitments who were there in spirit.  You make a difference - thank you for being there.
The City‚s most recent action - separating the Anderson‚s Union Avenue parcels from their Lake Avenue parcels and thereby allowing the development to proceed - was a blatant attempt to pacify the community while pandering to the developer. The four members of the Council who voted in this manner do not understand the real issues: The integrity of the process, the tax burdens of over development and the loss of our quality of life. It is clear that the Council‚s duty to the developer overrides any concern for the residents of this City.
There is room in Saratoga Springs for affordable housing and open space, and for the public to be part of these decisions. We will fight and we will win. But for right now...
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
The City in the Country Land Protection Committee

**** Please pass this note on to those interested in this issue. We may not have everyone in our email list who has been part of this effort ****