Saturday, August 05, 2006

Miracle at Qana?

Miracle at Qana?
Justin Frank
Huffington Post

When Israel bombed innocent civilians - mostly children - in Qana it became clear that our world has come a long way from the miracle at Cana when Jesus turned water into wine. In a scant 2000 years, probably a little less, the horrifying and disgusting murders makes one wonder what is next for us on this planet.

It was Mary, the mother of Jesus, who asked him to perform the miracle at a small village wedding in Galilee. It was his first public performance. Who got married there is never mentioned in the Gospel according to John. It is the miracle that counts. Now we have the Bush brigade refusing to demand a cease fire just two days before Israel bombed that site. It is the murder that counts, as the names of the innocents killed in Qana were also never mentioned.
In stead of a cease fire which could have averted the Tragedy at Qana, we have another example of Christian compassion at the highest level - after all, the Bush Administration has set out to co-mingle Jesus with the Presidency - as Bush sat by yet again (remember 9/11 and Katrina?).

What would Jesus say? What would his Mother Mary ask of him? Could he convert bombs into bouquets? Could he restore life to all those innocents who perished on Sunday July 30, 2006? Bush certainly knows how to take away life - whether actively by bombing Baghdad or passively by vetoing the stem cell research bill. His destructiveness is rooted deep in his psyche - and I fear it is deeper and more powerful than the love rooted in the soul of Jesus. In fact, the White House quietly announced after hours on Friday July 28 that it was again selling arms to several Arab countries - God forbid we should only arm Israel. This behavior is anti-cease fire.

Love cannot defeat hate; it can survive hate but can't defeat it because love doesn't kill. Still, by uniting against President Bush, perhaps we can stop him from promoting even more hate.