Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Al Gore On Charlie Rose-Best Interview Yet

Al Gore On Charlie Rose-Best Interview Yet
by Patriot for Al Gore
Tue Jun 20, 2006 at 06:36:03 AM PDT
Daily Kos

The interview Charlie Rose did with Al Gore last night (6.19.06) was without a doubt the very best interview I have watched him on yet. He delved deeper into the actual issue of climate and other foreign policy matters than any other "cable" interviewer has to date. I was thoroughly pleased with his questions regarding solutions to the climate crisis, the political process regarding it, the mindset of the current administration, and the background to the Iraq War and its reasons which really is in concert with this administration's ideologies on all issues.

Mr. Gore did a fantastic job of discussing the science behind this issue, his dealings with scientists regarding their retiscence to make matters regarding this issue public, and also with bringing across his dedication to solving this crisis. He truly believes this is urgent, and I truly do believe it is as well. There was just so much in this one hour that passed by so quickly that I will only touch the surface, because I don't want to give too much away in case you didn't see it last night, as I believe it is going to be rebroadcast this afternoon on PBS at 1:30PM EST.

I believe he started with how his slide show got started in 1989 when he first presented it, and moved on to explain his passion for this issue, his work on it all of these years, the movie and book, the responsibility of corporations and other entities regarding it, the religious and spiritual aspects of it, and giving hope that it can be solved based on the Montreal Protocol and other work to heal the ozone layer in years past that to date has been successful. He also discussed his plan to train 1000 people in Nashville to carry this slide show on. He also talked more in depth about the ice sheets in Greenland, peer reviews that dispute companies like EXXON, the think tanks they support, CEI, and other foreign policy matters including Peak Oil, and Dick Cheney's plan to secure oil reserves in the Middle East.

Again, it was in my judgement the BEST interview he has done on this topic to date. He was firmly in his element, and I couldn't be happier for him, or us...because I know that as long as he remains in the public eye on this issue in whatever capacity he believes is best to get this message out, the world will benefit from it.

However, one thing from this interview that I do wish to mention is a quote Mr. Rose read to him that was his in which he stated that the poiltical system was nowhere near being where it has to be to face this... and then reiterating that based on scientific warnings that we only have about 10 years to really work for a solution and in changing our own behavior. That tells me regarding his answer, that he is also very disillusioned with the response from the political community on all sides regarding this issue, and believes the best best way to now counter their inaction is to go around it by informing and empowering the people to action.

I personally believe that is also the best way to handle this, and I think he is brilliant and brave for doing it this way. I also don't see what other choice we have when our political process remains the way it is now, with corporate benefactors taking precedence in buying policy over those "elected" (and I use that word loosely) doing what is right. I simply can't praise this interview enough, and perhaps that is because up until now I have become tired of the same questions being asked of him in the same order. This interview was not like that at all, and he actually discussed things he has not discussed in other interviews.

Please watch it if you get a chance, or check back at the site for the link to the video after it is shown again. You will not be disappointed, especially if you truly care for our coming together to solve this crisis.