Thursday, February 23, 2006

Indifference Über Alles

Justin Frank

Indifference Über Alles
Huffington Post

George Bush doesn't care who controls inspections at America's ports, as long as the deal benefits his family and friends. This fact seemed to wake up some of his blind Republican supporters, but comes as no surprise to seasoned Bush-watchers. Just think back to his indifferent reaction to the Hamas landslide last month.
Or remember Katrina. Or remember his response to being told - as if he didn't already know - that there weren't WMDs. Then there was his indifferent estimate of killed Iraqi citizens since the bombing started. I won't even mention "Kenny who?" or "I've had my picture taken with so many people; I don't remember Jack Abramoff". And we even remember the first example of his presidential indifference - ignoring the August 6, 2001 briefing that warned him that terrorists might attack our country by flying planes into buildings.

He is passionate about the things that matter to him: exercise, re-election, cutting brush, and giving jobs to his supporters. He cares deeply about tax cuts and speaking to hand-picked audiences. And he loves dressing up in military uniforms.

He is totally indifferent to things that matter to his employers - the American people. He refuses to attend military funerals or take seriously the environmental disaster looming large. He is nothing more than a child mocking parents who were indifferent to him, and using his position to mask his malevolent hatred of ordinary Americans, particularly the weak and powerless. Those citizens most of all remind him of the frightened and neglected boy inside. For George W. Bush has never been brave; never been free.

In the past five years an outstanding project has been developed called Media Matters - run by David Brock. He felt it was time to pay attention to what the media did, and didn't say, and about the facts it distorted or omitted. It was a clever name, double entendre well-taken. It inspired the once hidden but now public title summing up the entire Bush Administration - as the ranks of critics continues to swell: "Nothing Matters."