Sunday, January 15, 2006

Does Bush rule our lives from alternate universe?

A guest column by Dan Bishton
Does Bush rule our lives from alternate universe?
Fort Wayne News Sentinel
Welcome to 2006/1984, where war is peace, ignorance is strength, treason is patriotic and Big Brother really is watching. After yet another flurry of stonewalling and easily debunked rationales (lies), the Bush administration finally admitted they circumvented the law and without oversight ordered the interceptions of millions of phone calls and emails. But it’s OK because their justice department approved it.

How would this sound to a judge? “Your honor, I knew my robberies were illegal but I only cased most of the homes I broke into and anyway my attorney said it’s OK, if I really needed the money to protect my family.”

In what bizzaro universe is Bush living? He orders his justice department to immediately investigate the leak that revealed illegal monitoring of American citizens, but his chief of staff, who vindictively leaked the name of a covert agent monitoring weapons of mass destruction, continues his high level clearance. The current head of the Justice Department, Alberto Gonzales, was one of the chief architects of this Big Brother program and should be recused from anything connected to this. But on Planet Bush that isn’t necessary. The foxes there not only guard henhouses; they design them.

What color is the sun in this world where you can change your reasons for war like you change TV channels and the clowns responsible for the quagmire are awarded the Medal of Freedom? What kind of reality operates when a war is said to go well, despite increased attacks, destruction, death and torture? Perhaps water isn’t wet there, either. This might explain why, amid some of the worst storms and floods in history, the president chose to eat cake, play air guitar and tell the incompetent crony who left New Orleans underwater that he is “doing a heckuva job.” Even with California flooding and Texas burning, Bush went on yet another brush cutting vacation....