Monday, July 11, 2005

London Bombings Intended to Boost Sagging Terrorist Morale, Boost Recruitment

London Bombings Intended to Boost Sagging Terrorist Morale, Boost Recruitment, says STRATFOR
AUSTIN, TX, July 7 -- The private intelligence organization Stratfor said today that the "sheer scale" and pattern of the London bombings suggested that they were almost certainly orchestrated by al Qaeda – and intended to boost declining morale among its followers.
The goal appears to have been to create maximum embarrassment for Tony Blair and George Bush in order to impress al Qaeda followers in the Middle East and elsewhere,"said Stratfor's Director of Geopolitical Analysis and senior analyst Rodger Baker.
Baker noted that many recent statements from al Qaeda leaders indicate that the movement has been suffering from poor recruitment and low morale. They have needed another major media event.
"The London bombings clearly give them renewed credibility in the Muslim and Arab world. They demonstrate that al Qaeda is still active and able to make its presence known in the major capitals of the world.
"Al Qaeda is very media savvy. Headlines and pictures around the world about the London bombings will be used as a tool by al Qaeda to flex its muscles and boost recruiting. They will probably be successful."
Baker said the bombings do not mean that similar attacks are likely to follow in the United States or other western countries anytime soon. "Al Qaeda – if it is al Qaeda – does not rush these things. It plans meticulously. The London bombings were clearly well planned and coordinated over a period of time and successfully evaded the normally very effective UK counterintelligence."
However, another attack on the United States at some point is "almost guaranteed," Baker said, noting that it may follow the pattern of attacking transportation infrastructure in order to wreak maximal damage on the nation's economy.
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