Saturday, July 30, 2005

Let the Recriminations Begin

Let the Recriminations Begin
Posted by James Wolcott

...Domestic support for the war is dropping, the prospect of civil war is darkening, and the budding alliance between Iraq and Iran isn't exactly what what the American people had in mind when they consented to Operation Haliburton Enrichment. Buchanan:

"Sunni terrorists and foreign fighters have begun to target Shia clerics and mosques. And the Shia have begun to retaliate with counter-terror, portending a religious-civil war when U.S. troops depart. Kurds are demanding that their virtual independence be enshrined in the new constitution. Or they veto it.

"Should civil war break out as Americans depart, Iran would move to fill the gap with weaponry and perhaps volunteers to assist their Shia brethren in keeping Iraq in friendly hands. A Sunni-Shia war in Iraq, with Iran aiding one side and Arab nations the other, becomes a real possibility.

"No wonder the Pentagon sounds impatient to get out."

Now there those who will say that once the Iraqs take their destiny into their own hands even if it's to wrap them around one another's throats, American should take a somber inventory of our gains and losses, our mistakes and triumphs, and to learn from them so that we can be smarter imperialists in the future and make Max Boot proud. It will be a time for healing and coming together, not pointing angry fingers of blame.

I say, that's letting the evildoers off too easy. Paul Craig Roberts says that too, and how.

"We have run out of troops and money, the rest of the world has run out of patience with our stupidity, and the upper regions of the Bush administration may be crumbling under the pressure of a prosecutor's investigations and eroding public support.

"Bush administration neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, along with their cheerleaders at Fox "News", the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, National Review, and the New York Times' Judith Miller will go down in history as the architects and enablers of the greatest strategic blunder in American history....