Saturday, March 05, 2005

Voting glitches haunt statistician

Rob Zaleski: 'Voting glitches haunt statistician'
Contributed by FayWray on Saturday, March 05 @ 08:21:36 EST
By Rob Zaleski, Madison Capital Times
Brian Joiner wishes he could "just get over it."
He wishes he could ignore the thousands of reported voting irregularities that occurred in the Nov. 2 election, accept the fact that George W. is going to be around another four years and just hope that we haven't created even more enemies or fallen even deeper into debt by the time 2008 rolls around.
"I'm sure the Republicans would like me to forget all that stuff, just like they wanted everyone to forget all the strange things that happened in the 2000 election," the retired 67-year-old UW-Madison statistics professor said this week.
Well, sorry guys, but he can't.
There were, Joiner says, too many things that occurred on Nov. 2 that "still don't smell right." He can't just pretend everything is rosy, he says, when he reads that Steven Freeman, a respected University of Pennsylvania professor, says the odds of the exit polls in the critical states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania all being so far off were about 662,000 to 1.....