Thursday, February 17, 2005

George Bush: The Mulligan Man

Richard A. Stitt: 'George Bush: The Mulligan Man'
Contributed by richards038 on Wednesday, February 16 @ 10:41:46 EST
By Richard A. Stitt
Mulligan: a free shot sometimes given a golfer in informal play when the previous shot was poorly played.
Thus, Mr. Bush's propitious beginning in 2000 was launched with the aegis of several mulligans, courtesy of five partisan, activist, Republican U.S. Supreme Court lackeys.
Their decision, which stopped the full recount of all 67 Florida counties dead in its tracks, topped the previous dastardly Dred Scott U. S. Supreme Court decision in 1846 which declared that Scott was personal property and should remain a slave.
But four years later, Mr. Bush, in spite of catastrophic decisions that have driven our country to near insolvency and record debt with more confrontational gunboat policies, is being granted yet more mulligans to wreak further economic chaos and war.
Recently, we read where Bush plans to up the death benefits ante from $12,000 to $250,000 to entice more young men and women into reenlisting in the military and prepare for another assault against a more formidable enemy, Iran. He believes, like the rest of his war-monger administration, that war can be bought and paid for with a few extra dollars, unlike his Iraq War which he and Rumsfeld thought they could conduct on the cheap. Now, given another four more years, he has no problem relegating the morality and the cost of lives to a secondary and inconsequential role as reasons to achieve a Zeitgeist that eerily resembles the demise of Germany's Weimar Republic and the ascendancy of the Nazi Party. Complicit in this grand plan are the increasingly more gullible and indisputably right-wing leaning media and his loyalists in the rubber stamp Republican-controlled US Congress.....