Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Trust-Busting, Bush-Style

Daily Reality Check
Trust-Busting, Bush-Style
American Family Voices
The Bush administration's insistence on promoting its suspect policies by any means necessary amounts to a scorched earth tactic that undermines public faith in this White House and threatens to corrode positive attitudes toward government institutions on the whole. The president, who shuffles along under his "man of the people" guise, has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to negotiate in bad faith with the American public regarding his agenda. Last week provided two new examples.
The first involves Social Security, which the president has approached with the demeanor of a shady mechanic surveying a used car. Think you just need a tune up? Heck no, that rattling noise is actually a symptom of spontaneous combustion – you're much better off selling your car, taking out a loan, investing in the stock market and paying your broker to take you to work. See, everyone wins?...