Saturday, January 15, 2005

Banana Republican America'

Margaret Kimberly: 'Banana Republican America'
Posted on Saturday, January 15 @ 08:54:56 EST
By Margaret Kimberly
The Black Commentator
"It's not even Election Day yet, and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by almost a million votes."
- Greg Palast, November 1, 2004
On January 6, 2005 the United States Congress certified the results of the election that took place last November 2nd and declared that George W. Bush had been duly elected president. They certified a lot more than an election outcome. It is now official. This nation has become the world's most powerful banana republic. Perhaps the Bush family will have presidents for life, just like the Duvaliers in Haiti.
America is governed by one party rule, the press does not dare provoke that one party, the opposition party is afraid to oppose, the wealthy are getting wealthier by using the national treasury as their private piggy bank, civil liberties are under assault, workers think themselves lucky to earn starvation wages at Wal-Mart, and the man nominated to become the chief law enforcement official in the land has put in writing that torture is not such a bad thing after all....