Friday, December 10, 2004

National Day of Mourning for American Democracy

National Day of Mourning for American Democracy

Please join us in mourning on January 20th, and invite others to join you.

The purpose shall be to express our Deep Sadness over the results of the Election and the Consequences we believe a second Bush term will have for the Safety and Welfare of the Nation. When enough of us participate, we can deflect attention from the Coronation in Washington. When we make our show of Grief without anger, violence or the appearance of Riot, we will lead our fellow citizens to understand the Gravity of the Situation we face....

Join the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee on January 20, 2004

Counter Inaugural Event hosted by the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee. Join us at the Partying Glass on on Thurdsay January 20, 2005, starting at 7 pm. The Not Ready for Not Ready for Prime Time Players will be performing once again. We may be asking for a donation at the door to go to a designated group (such as Move On) and we are trying to get someone special (Michael Moore, Jon Stewart??) to call in.