Monday, October 25, 2004

T'his isn't a presidency, it's a forgery

Leonard Pitts Jr.: 'T'his isn't a presidency, it's a forgery'
Posted on Sunday, October 24 @ 09:38:01 EDT
By Leonard Pitts Jr., Baltimore Sun
IN MARCH 2003, the Rev. Pat Robertson tried to give President Bush some advice about the coming invasion of Iraq. Mr. Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, supports the president. But he told CNN last week that he advised Mr. Bush to prepare the nation for the likelihood of casualties.
Mr. Bush's reply?
"We're not going to have any casualties."
That was 9,100 American casualties ago.
The kicker is that Mr. Bush - who has denied the remark - stands for re-election a few days from now and it is not expected that he will lose in a landslide. In fact, pollsters say he could conceivably squeak to a second term.
All of which throws into sharp relief the question a British man asked me in August.