Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Armchair Cowards

Armchair Cowards
Oct 27, 2004, 04:39

Few things are more absurd than the posturing of armchair generals. At present, an army of draft-dodging politicians, fierce-sounding media pundits and pajama-clad bloggersĀ - almost none of whom has ever been within 1,000 miles of an actual battleĀ - are bombarding us with messages regarding how "we" are fighting an enemy who is as great a threat to America as the nation has ever faced.

We are told that Iraq is the front line in a global campaign against this enemy, who threatens the very existence of Western civilization. The war on terror, we are assured, is a battle for our very survival; and success in Iraq is crucial to that battle.

A glance at the behavior of those who are making such claims reveals that either they don't believe what they say, or (more likely) they have failed to consider that their claims, if taken seriously, might require some sort of action on their part.