Thursday, September 23, 2004

Donna Marsh O'Connor: 'It's John Kerry, damn it!'

Donna Marsh O'Connor: 'It's John Kerry, damn it!'
Posted on Thursday, September 23 @ 10:21:12 EDT
By Donna Marsh O'Connor
I can hear it all now. Monday night John Kerry appeared on David Letterman. John Kerry, I said, you know who that is--the guy most who most people who get to speak call anyone but Bush. Billy Crystal made a joke, something like this: John Kerry, do us a favor. When you laugh, tell your face. I laughed when I heard that. Everyday I hear the good folks at CNN (You know they don't care who wins. They only report what they hear.), I hear them say Bush is ahead in the polls because Kerry just doesn't get his message across, doesn't say who he is. That's the problem according to CNN or NBC or ABC or Fox or...does it matter who says it? We've lost because John Kerry doesn't get his message across and we blame the media.
So I watched last night because I do know who John Kerry is. And because I fall into the category of human, I am going to say who he is by articulating who he is not.

* He is not currently the President of the United States of America, the man who I think had a hand in my first born child's murder;....